GRAN VÍA MAR: 360º transformation

We have completed the renovation of Gran Vía Mar Sports Club in Castelldefels. Both staff and members can now enjoy a space that has a new aesthetic and functional design, reflecting the values of the club such as “premium,” “family,” “welcoming,” and “technology”.

As we mentioned in our last post, the Tribeka team’s mission was to give the fitness centre a new lease of life by modernising its image and improving the functionality and operability of its various spaces. Not only did we renovate the space, but we also redesigned the centre’s corporate image, transforming simplicity into elegance.



We had the privilege of working at a location with exceptional facilities that offered us the chance to play with different lighting techniques. We created indoor-outdoor office spaces for the administrative team to work in the best possible light and space.


Regarding the reception and common areas, we incorporated technological features such as LED screens to display relevant information for members. The technology blends seamlessly with the use of natural and sustainable materials that create a timeless and authentic atmosphere; a design that exudes warmth and a touch of exclusivity.



It was a challenge, but we were excited to revamp the entire space from the logo to the dressing rooms, reception, bathrooms and chill-out area.

The Gran Vía Mar Sports Club is today a welcoming, family-friendly and exclusive space that has been updated to reflect modern standards and demand.

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