What is real retail?

As interior designers of commercial spaces, a large part of our job involves creativity. But we wouldn’t be anywhere without our level of expertise. We know how customers interact with commercial spaces and we are skilled at finding the balance between a shop that’s attractive, and one that’s easy to navigate, that focuses on customers’ interaction with the products and other aspects we are keen to promote.

Our aim is to transport your brand into a physical space in a way that makes sense, using recognisable features that create a memorable experience, invite customers into the shop and boost sales.

Are you looking for long-lasting, impactful branding, one that, above all, offers something new to the market?

In order to execute branding that follows its design, it is essential to supervise each aspect of the project and make sure all deadlines, regulations, costs and time-frames are met according to the original plan. For that reason, we involve our team, clients and distributors to the same degree, so we’re all on the same page.

Even the smallest detail should be perfectly integrated in harmony, style and personality. At Tribeka, we think strategically and personalise every aspect, from display shelves to cash desks. As such, the brands that have chosen Tribeka exhibit a recognisable and unique identity, with an original and surprising design.

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