Tribeka Estudio

For 25 years, we have been designing and developing unique branding proposals and spaces that excite customers and enhance the buying and selling process.

We are so committed that before each project, we research, analyse and test before we set about designing. Only by understanding exactly who our clients are, and who their competition is, can we help them improve their image and increase their sales.

As such, we know how important it is to pave the way for a smooth implementation process. Similarly, we put ourselves in our client’s shoes and evaluate variables such as efficient costs, post-launch maintenance and repayment. It’s part of our DNA.

Almost three

Over the course of almost three decades, we have worked on projects in over 25 countries. From Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Russia, Slovenia, Armenia and Poland, to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Qatar. Thanks to these projects, we have gained a wealth of experience analysing different types of clients from around the world, by developing projects that adapt to each country’s idiosyncrasies.

With each new project, our enthusiasm to keep innovating hand in hand with our clients grows.

Some of our clients:

Parfois, El Corte Inglés, Grupo Sonae, Mayoral, Bella Aurora, Padel Nuestro, Pluricosmetica, Artybelleza, Perfumerías Comas, Club Esportiu GranVia, Ikuzai, Punto Roma -mercado oriente Medio-, Salsa Jeans, Styling Surf, Une Ligne, Ulanka, Moa Paris, Forecast, Puro Ego


After more than 25 years in the business,
he has completed more than
600 projects in over
25 countries

I managed the Design and Construction Department for Stradivarius in Inditex for 12 years. I was in charge of international expansion and designing and building shops in Russia, Italy, Germany, Greece, Cyprus, Slovenia, Poland and the Arab nations such as Arabia Saudi, Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Dubai.

Some 15 years ago, I started to work on my own projects with Tribeka Retail Studio, and we’ve worked on international branding projects such as Parfois, Punto Roma (for the Middle Eastern market), El Corte Inglés, Grupo Sonae, Salsa Jeans, Sfera and Padel Nuestro, among others.

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