More than a point of sale

A commercial space is much more than a display case. It is an unbeatable opportunity to involve the customer in a complete brand experience.

Our objective

and excite

Do you ever find yourself thinking that most shops look exactly the same? At Tribeka, we believe it is possible to combine function and brand identity with an original and memorable proposal.

We constantly have our eye on the latest trends in commercial interior design and customer experience, but we also like to explore and apply ideas we find in other sectors. We’re anything but conventional.


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360º retail management

Whether you need us to create a new store, or improve the one you have, we can offer you 360º management. Why? Every detail should stem from a solid and comprehensive proposal and form part of a pre-defined strategy based on the brand’s context.

Commercial spaces should offer a coherent experience from start to finish, from the logo to the shop window and even the warehouse. So, who better to supervise this process than the person who came up with the initial design? As such, we make sure the result is just as we intended.


Before starting a new design, we carry out in-depth research into your brand’s target audience and objectives. We want to know what you like, and what you don’t. As your partner in building your corporate identity and sales strategy, we will develop a proposal that adds value to your customers’ experience.


Designing a shop involves thinking about how to highlight the brand’s key attributes, which includes personalised furniture, signs, space optimisation, etc.

We also use our know-how and experience to help boost your sales, by highlighting product typologies and promoting cross-selling, among other aspects.


We faithfully reproduce the ideas developed during the creative process, and not only in terms of the physical shop, but also in terms of brand communication, presentation and implementation. To achieve this, we use a methodology based on detailed planning and maximum coordination between all parties, to adapt to the project and comply with regulations, costs and deadlines.


Our work doesn’t end once the shop opens. We evaluate the results of the project, and if we detect areas for improvement, we act on them. We like to design lasting concepts that can evolve over time.

If you already have a proposal that you want to update or improve, we can help.

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